Anonymous Tables

On anonymous tables the player nicknames are not shown, it is not possible to add player notes on the anonymous tables and notes added on normal tables are not visible on anonymous tables. This new type of cash tables are marked with a special legend icon as well.

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Count-Down SitGo

New tournament type: Count-Down Sit&Go.

Count-Down Sit&Go are a new kind of Sit&Go ending when the time elapsed is equal to a parameter set through the back office in the configuration page.

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Fast Poker

Fast Enet, our own unique version of Fast Poker.

The basic mechanisms are identical to the different variants of Rush Poker, Zoom Poker and Speed Poker available on other poker networks – to explain it short: When a player folds a hand he is automatically moved to another table to play a hand instantly again, increasing the speed of the game and the number of hands played.

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In EnetPoker there is always something new! From now on, you will be able to find in our platform the amazing Multi Rebuy feauture.

The function of this new feauture is really simple: generally, in all the tournaments that support this feature players will be able to rebuy several times contemporally ( until they will reach the limit set up by the system). In other words, everytime a player click on the button to Rebuy there will appear a pop up.

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